She says pajama, I say pyjama. Whatever you call it, did you know pajamas originated in the Far East? I had no idea! I do know however that we’re definitely starting our annual new pajamas and underwear to celebrate the New Year tradition tonight.

The book that will accompany this new tradition is one of our all time favorites, Sandra Boynton’s Pajama Time!

Whether you read it a bit squarish or jam to it with a jazzy tune, this colorful tribute to pajamas and bedtime routines is another toddler classic that will bring on the smiles.

If you are a Sandra Boynton fan already, make sure to visit the official Sandra Boynton web site for a full listing of silly favorites and “nifty music.”



When my brother and I were growing up, we used to ring in the New Year with a brand new set of underwear and pyjamas. As our parents got ready to go out, we would dress up in our new PJs to stay home with the grandparents and watch TV.

When I poll my closest mommy friends, most everyone agrees that the Gap has the best pyjamas for babies and children. Although I’ve found that Old Navy makes them as durable, I don’t think any other brand comes close to the multitude of adorable designs from the Gap.

So this year, I will start the tradition with Maya with this cute 2007 design from the Gap. Currently in stores as well as on the Baby Gap web site, you’ll not only find new colors for Valentine’s Day, but also great winter specials for boys and girls. Starting at $12.99.


“Does everybody dream?” asks a little boy in a studio interview.  “We all dream, every night, even though you may not remember it. But, hey, I mean, like, dreams are very important,” answers another one.

My question is, “How does HBO know kids so well?!”

This charming DVD has been one my Maya’s favorites this past year so we decided to gift all her little friends for the holidays.

I had originally recorded the half hour special from HBO. Around the time we ran out of space on our DVR, I realized I could buy the DVD from Amazon.

In its core, the performances bring together childhood classics like Goodnight Moon and There’s a Nightmare in My Closet with Hollywood stars like Susan Sarandon and Billy Crystal. You’ll also hear Tony Bennett, Aaron Neville and Lauryn Hill singing.

What makes the DVD so special for everyone, parents and kids, are the studio interviews with children peppered throughout the program. These kids are so smart, so perceptive, so special — like most kids are! Their interpretations of life lessons are charming, laughter-inducing, truly magical. We never tire of watching this! It is the perfect end to many a busy day.

You can now buy it on Amazon for an unbeliavable $6.47. Money well spent!


So what was the most fought after toy of Christmas day? When you get a two, a three and two four year olds together — there’s rarely consensus. Add to that the excitement of jingling bells on rooftops and unsupervised sugar consumption, it makes for quite a hectic holiday.

Haba’s 1001 Nights magnetic tile set was definitely one of the most popular toys under the tree this year, with all the children sitting long enough to take their turn building the most spectacular castle. The colors are magnificent in this brand new addition to Haba’s magnetic toys and is sure to be one of Maya’s favorites for years to come.

The details on each individual tile are so intricate that even I enjoyed building my version of an Arabian night with help from one of the design guides included with the set. With 80 tiles to choose from, you can create an endless amount of backgrounds. We even had our Lego people walking around the castle acting out our stories. Check out the Oompa Toys web site for this and more Haba toys and enjoy a 15% off of a select items in their 2006 After Christmas toy category. Make sure to enter coupon code 2006AFTERXMAS during checkout to receive discount.

To Grandma’s House We Go

December 24, 2006


Whether you’re shopping for the-last-minute wrapping paper or storage for ornaments, The Container Store beats any other mass retailer when it comes to organizing your life. You can always count on unique yet practical and colorful options for everyday necessities, even when you’re shopping for Tupperware.

Next time you make a trip to The Container Store (or better yet order online like I do), make sure to pick up a pair of these children’s suitcases. The set also comes in a kiwi green/pink combination for those who have to have pink on everything they own.

Only at $9.99 for the set and made of recycled fiberboard, they won’t last forever. They will, however, encourage little ones to clean up their own messes. Whether used to store art supplies or Barbie doll accessories, these suitcases are sure to be a hit in your house too.


You gotta love 7 am requests to watch TV. As I crawl out of bed at my daughter’s request, all I can think about is coffee — not channel surfing.

Luckily Maya recently figured out that if she really does want to watch something first thing in the morning, it has to be a DVD, something she can choose and operate by herself.

Eloise at the Plaza has been a favorite since we brought it home a couple of months ago. Kay Thompson’s adorable six year old comes to life in this 2003 Disney release starring my personal favorite Julie Andrews as the Nanny. It’s one of those rare DVDs that I don’t mind watching over and over again along with Maya.

For the holidays, try Eloise at Christmastime. Not only will you get to enjoy Eloise’s infectious Christmas spirit but also join in on the fun as she gets involved in an elaborate wedding preparation.

A double trouble two-DVD set starring the delightful Sophia Vassilieva would make the perfect holiday gift for any five year old. (We’re participating in an obvious underage watching over in our house!) Available on Amazon.  


Some of my favorite products are discoveries originally made by other moms. When my friend Jo gave me a swab of the Healing Balm by Khushi Spa and later gifted me a tub, I was hooked. Calendula is nature’s answer to anything that needs healing, for mom or baby.

Khushi’s products are all made of pure, natural ingredients, specifically essential oils, and hand-blended in small batches. Everything from the calming sprays to the invigorating scrubs makes me feel like I have a team of experts bringing me the best of nature in just the products I need.

So go ahead and buy for baby and use it yourself. The Mommy and Baby Essentials Set comes in a cute red tote, in which my favorite healing balm is accomponied by Khushi’s lavender and peaceful sprays as well as the ever so popular skin elixir. Priced at $54 on Khushi Spa’s web site.