With Maya’s birth three and a half years ago, I officially became a mom. Unofficially, I had felt like a mom for years by then, cooing at every baby, flipping through name books, shopping for miniature dresses even before she was even an egg in my ovary. By the time I got pregnant, and with my very own uber-trendy mother’s help, I had amassed all sorts of gadgets and gizmos for the new arrival. The shopping spree only continued after she was born. From clothes and shoes to books and toys, we weren’t satisfied unless Maya had enough to satisfy ten children if not a whole continent. I realized only too late that I had unleashed the beast in me only to help adjust to actually becoming a mother.

It also took me the very same three years to realize that while I showered Maya with gifts, I had neglected myself. Whether time or money, I had stopped spending any currencies on me and it showed. Not only that, but I finally felt the weight.

Needless to say I recovered. So will all first time mothers. At one point or another, we all come to believe in “happy mothers raise happy babies” and in an effort to raise healthy children, we start paying attention to ourselves. With this self analysis also comes a need to be more discerning in everything we do, from what we spend our time on to where we spend our money.

Discerning moms stay tuned. You won’t be disappointed with the kinds of products, toys, books and other gadgets I plan to feature in this blog. The goal is to help weed out the unnecessary, the useless. I will only bring you the best of the best, whether for you or your children. This is all money well spent!