Desperately Seeking Soft Hair for Baby

January 13, 2007

My daughter’s hair is a lot longer than mine. In fact, if it doesn’t get trimmed every couple of months, it will reach her ankles within the year. And she’s not even four yet. OK, maybe I’m exaggerrating.

The truth is I battled coarse, thick hair all my life. Some would say it’s a blessing to have such thick hair. I didn’t think so until much later in life when I finally discovered leave-in conditioners and softening treatments. So for most of my childhood, I walked around with a bird’s nest on my head.

Needless to say, when my daughter was born with a four-inch mohawk, I wasn’t surprised. When she turned a year old, she got her first haircut and battling her frizzies has been a full-time job of mine ever since.

After the early baby days, we got hooked on California Baby‘s Calming shampoo and conditioner. As soon as I saw the bottle at Whole Foods I was hooked because the little girl looked just like my daughter. I couldn’t believe it!

To this day, Maya thinks the photo on the bottle is a picture of herself. The resemblance is uncanny. Soon after, we also discovered the detangler, which put an end to hairbrush drama mutually endured daily.

Another favorite bed-head solution is Noodle & Boo‘s conditioning hair polish. This newcomer to the market is from a product line started by a mom whose sons suffered from extremely sensitive skin and were prone to eczema. I can relate, as we also had bouts of extremely dry skin with Maya and that’s what led me to California Baby in the first place.

I don’t know if it’s the sweet smelling spray or the gorgeous packaging but I think we may just have a new must-have in the house. Both product lines are available for sale online and worth every penny!


One Response to “Desperately Seeking Soft Hair for Baby”

  1. I remember when you said ”Maya, this is you.”

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