Children Know A Lot More Than You Think

January 4, 2007


When I first got the Brain Quest for threes and fours for my daughter, who at the time was a little over two, all I was hoping for was a quiet activity to take along to restaurants and such.

This two-deck question and answer activity toy prooved a lot more useful than that. I was not only amazed at how many of the questions Maya could actually answer, but also found satisfaction in teaching her new words and concepts.

Now almost four, she can zoom through the majority of the deck very quickly. We’re definitely graduating her to the next one and can’t help but gloat about this excellent toy. At $10.95 on Amazon, it is truly a bargain! Especially considering it has been one of her favorite restaurant and plane-ride activities for the past two years. That’s a lot of tantrums avoided at pennies a tantrum!

Make sure to research an age-appropriate version on the Brain Quest web site before you buy. You can also download coloring activities here.


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