Our Favorite Books: Big Bug Surprise

January 1, 2007


Releasing today is Julia Gran’s Big Bug Surprise from Scholastic. Ms. Gran had last made an appearance as the illustrator of Princess Penelope in 2003 and Princess Penelope Takes Charge in 2006, and is definitely one of the wittiest children’s artists of all time. The Big Bug Surprise is her writing debut.

I have a girly girl in my house who loves all things princesses and has never, ever showed any interest in things of nature. Currently, she refuses to wear pants, likes to wear her very long hair “long,” and definitely doesn’t want to get her brand new black patent leather Mary Janes dirty in any way.

Somehow, the Big Bug Surprise was a big hit as soon as I brought it home.

This is the story of Prunella who wears pigtails and loves to talk about bugs. Although throughout the book adults keep protesting “Not now, Prunella,” she doesn’t give up. She knows so much about bugs and ends up saving the day when the time comes thanks to her bug knowledge. The last page of the book is a mini-glossary for inquiring minds: insects, dragonflies, honeybees, dung beetles and spiders are all given a chance to shine in this star-studded bug story.

I can’t tell you how, but thanks to this book, princesses and bugs now share Maya’s fascination Richter. Join in the fun: as always, you can buy it at a discount on Amazon.


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