Eloise’s Infectious Christmas Spirit

December 20, 2006


You gotta love 7 am requests to watch TV. As I crawl out of bed at my daughter’s request, all I can think about is coffee — not channel surfing.

Luckily Maya recently figured out that if she really does want to watch something first thing in the morning, it has to be a DVD, something she can choose and operate by herself.

Eloise at the Plaza has been a favorite since we brought it home a couple of months ago. Kay Thompson’s adorable six year old comes to life in this 2003 Disney release starring my personal favorite Julie Andrews as the Nanny. It’s one of those rare DVDs that I don’t mind watching over and over again along with Maya.

For the holidays, try Eloise at Christmastime. Not only will you get to enjoy Eloise’s infectious Christmas spirit but also join in on the fun as she gets involved in an elaborate wedding preparation.

A double trouble two-DVD set starring the delightful Sophia Vassilieva would make the perfect holiday gift for any five year old. (We’re participating in an obvious underage watching over in our house!) Available on Amazon.  


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