Functional Meets Cool in This 4-in-1 Stroller

December 12, 2006


Full disclosure: Maya did not have a phil&teds stroller during her first years. In fact we still don’t have one. Instead we suffered through three separate mishaps called strollers, along with major repairs on the last one. I won’t mention names.

A girl can dream though! At this point I’m desperately hoping for baby #2 so that I can buy a phil&teds and finally look like the cool mommy that I am.

I first spotted the phil&teds converted double stroller on New York City streets. At first it was one or two strollers lost in a sea of Maclarens and Bugaboos. Within a year, everyone south of Canal Street seemed to own one. Especially those moms who bravely had baby #2 shortly after the first and proudly carried both in this compact masterpiece.

For those who are not familiar with the phil&teds: this sporty-looking single stroller easily converts to a double by attaching a second seat slightly behind and below the first seat. Both seats accommodate infants to toddlers — and no, the kid on the bottom does not get dirty from being so close to the ground! You can attach wheel guards to the back wheels for added safety and to prevent sticky fingers from playing with dirty wheels.

Most importantly, this stroller is of excellent quality. None of the mothers I talked to ever complained about having to get it repaired or other difficulties with it. Bottom line, the phil&teds e3 stroller deserves the recent popularity it’s enjoying and tops my wish list for baby #2. Starting at $380 on


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