Bedtime Blues: Comforting Music for Babies

December 11, 2006


Once upon a time there was a little baby girl who loved listening to music while she fell asleep and could easily be wound down with a lavender bath before bedtime. Now it is “One more book and I PRooomise I’ll go to bed!” If it’s not begging, it is asking to eat some cereal because she’s hungry, a glass of water because she’s thirsty or a trip to the bathroom, just because.

For the first two years of Maya’s life, we swore by these two CDs. The first one, Golden Slumbers: A Father’s Lullaby is a compilation album of smooth jazz musicians performing known melodies like Beatles’ “Blackbird” and Stevie Wonder’s “Isn’t She Lovely.”

The second CD, called Dream With me Tonight: Lullabies for All Ages is written and produced by songwriter Larry Sherwin and performed by Melodie Crittenden.

This album of original lullabies has won an insane number of awards and is almost guaranteed to put the most stubborn babies to sleep. Don’t miss the behind the song photos and descriptions available on the Dream With me Tonight web site.

Add to the alternating playlist the sweet smells of lavender, you’re good to go. Try the Calming Spritzer from California Baby.


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