Laurie Berkner and Friends DVD

December 10, 2006


There’s nothing cuter than a bunch of two year olds rocking it out to their favorite tunes. The laughter and dancing are so infectious that even the most reluctant chaperone is bound to crack a smile if not get up and join the festivities himself.

Such was the scene at a neighbor’s home a few weeks ago when we all got together to celebrate Arisya’s second birthday. I first came across Laurie Berkner in 2003 through her charity work titled “Bumblebees & Googleheads: Fun Songs by Laurie Berkner,”  a CD she had recorded to help Steps to Art raise money to fund preschool arts education initiatives.

Over the last fewy ears we were able to take Maya to one live show, when she was entirely too young to enjoy it thoroughly as well as suffering from a bad ear infection, and have listened to her CDs over and over again. We even bought a VHS of a live performance but the production was so blurry that we couldn’t bear to watch it more than once.

This year Laurie Berkner and her band came out with an extremely well-though-out and well-produced DVD featuring Laurie, Brian, Susie and preschooler friends performing some of Maya’s favorite songs. Victor Vito and The Goldfish tops our list! The reviews on Amazon are a must-read and considering how many viewings it will get, the DVD is a bargain at $14.99, again on


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