Featuring Your Little Top Chef

December 10, 2006


If you’re in the market for a play kitchen this holiday season but don’t have a lot of room, the mini kitchen from Vilac should be the one you choose. Featured in American Baby‘s December 2006 issue, it is bound to become a bestseller by the time I finish writing this post.

Made from Baltic birch and easy to assemble, it measures a 31″ tall, 21.5″ wide and comes with 23 wooden pieces of plates, utensils and a few play foods. We’ve had it for over a year now and Maya, who is almost four years old, has not tired of it. She plays with it EVERY DAY whether she’s cooking breakfast for two or a feast that requires upside down garbage cans to be used as extra stools for all the dolls in attendance.

In all honesty, kids like any and all play kitchens. We had a massive, all-plastic one before I found this kitchen in the Magic Cabin catalog. I couldn’t stand the bulky and ugly space-hogger anymore and had to upgrade. Once the Vilac kitchen came in and was assembled, Maya gave the go-ahead to donate the other.

Although usually available from a variety of retailers, this year the Magic Cabin web site seems to be the only place that still has the Vilac in stock to ship before the holidays. At $89.95, it also features the lowest price I’ve seen around.


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