Removable Decals Make Decorating a Breeze

December 7, 2006


Other than the yellow paint we splurged on when we put together Maya’s nursery, we didn’t do much to the walls. I had felt spent trying to decide between the umpteen different cribs, bedding sets and the variety of baby paraphenilia that I forgot about the walls and never went back to complete the whole fairy look.

When she was a toddler, she picked up a box of decorative princess decals during our weekly shopping trip at the baby store and wouldn’t put it down. So we ended up putting the princesses up. Then I added a batch of fairy decals from The Company Store.

Vinyl decals or self-adhesive wall stickers are absolutely amazing! They won’t harm walls or paint and can be removed and restuck as many times as necessary. Maya has been playing with both sets for over a year now and they still look like new.

My favorite peel and play designs can now be found on the WallCandy Arts web site. With over fifteen very original and modern looks, including the Candy Factory design above, WallCandy Arts offers full sets designed to be rearranged as many times as necessary until you’re happy with your kid’s room.

To find a variety of peel, stick and reuse vinyl decals, including Candy Factory, make sure to check out where you’ll find this 80-dot set called Dottilicious for only $49.


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