Tea Time

December 1, 2006


I take my imaginary tea with lots of milk, sugar, honey and of course the imaginary tea bag. In real life I like it black but haven’t had the heart to tell Maya just yet. She never tires of serving me the full menu, including the Play Doh cookies she’s baked “from scratch” she claims.

Researchers say that there’s a tremendous amount of evidence that supports a direct link between cognitive competence, academic skills as well as social and linguistic competence and high-quality pretend play, i.e. elaborate tea parties with tiny little tea sets.

After two plastic, one porcelain (big mistake to buy a three-year-old a porcelain tea set) and one wooden tea set, we finally met our match! This tin tea set from Schylling has been the favorite for quite some time now, so much so that I have been able to convince my daughter to “loan” her unwanted cups and saucers to charity. (Living in a storage-challenged NYC apartment, we’re constantly editing our belongings; including Maya’s toys!)

To read more about pretend play, make sure to browse the Scholastic web site. There are two great articles on the topic by Ellen Booth Church and Dr. Adele M. Brodkin.


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