Leapfrog Musical Table

November 25, 2006

Our Leapfrog table went to a new home today. Maya insists that “it’s on loan” until she gets a baby sister or brother, then we have to get it back from Baby Leo.

I can understand the attachment. For nearly two years, this table was the first toy Maya would want to play with almost every morning. I hid Cheerios inside the purple chest when she got it at her first birthday. I think that’s how she got so attached to the table — because of the Cheerios. (Even this morning, she wanted to send off the table with the treasure chest full.)

Leapfrog has come out with a new, bilingual version since. It still works based on the same, basic principle though: flip the page of the book on top and all the buttons and instruments will do something totally different than what they did before. Whether in the LEARNING or MUSIC mode, this table is guaranteed to hold any toddler’s attention for a long time. In fact, one of Maya’s first steps was taken to be able to get to the table — that’s how much she loved this it.

The Leapfrog Table is one of the few annoying and too bright space-hoggers I would buy again. Currently selling for $28.49 on Amazon, it would be money well spent!


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