To Potty or Not to Potty

November 24, 2006

I was lucky. My daughter shed her diapers after her evening bath one day and never looked back.
The truth: the pressure to pottytrain started the day Maya turned one. My Turkish grandmother would drill me during our weekly chats on the phone and sounded disappointed when Maya showed absolutely no interest. When Maya was eighteen months old, my grandmother came to visit us in New York, but couldn’t get her going either.

So at two, I got Maya the Once Upon a Potty DVD on the recommendation of a friend. Alona Frenkel’s imaginative story about a child’s body and toilet training experience comes in boy or girl versions. You can even get an accompanying book and potty with it. In our version Prudence comes to life in a dated but still charming animation and is followed by a couple of real-life toddlers singing The Potty Song.

After watching it occasionally for a whole summer and reading her favorite potty book “Where’s the Poop?,” Maya finally said goodbye to diapers at age two and a half, days before her first day at preschool.

A year later, Maya’s Baby Bjorn potty is still in our bathroom even though she mostly uses the regular toilet these days. It has served us well! She loved its ocean blue color from day one (her favorite at the time) and I loved that it was so easy to clean. The splatter guard is actually just the right handle for emptying it. Its clean Swedish lines match up with our decorating sensibility (yes, even in the bathroom!) and its no-frills size is perfect for our small apartment.

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