I Want This Chair For Me!

November 8, 2006

Most of the baby products I acquired during my daughter’s first year were designed to make life easier for me: the Baby Bjorn, the lightweight, foldable stroller, the Evenflo Exercauser, the Baby Einstein DVDs, you name it. Yes; my baby did benefit from the bonding time we shared in the Bjorn, and the stimulation the Exercauser and the DVDs brought to the table. And yes, the Maclaren stroller WAS a godsend; there for us whenever she needed a comfortable nap while running errands or out at a restaurant.

We also had the very popular bouncer seat from Fisher-Price designed to provide a safe place for baby while mom goes about her life. Unfortunately the Papasan wasn’t out yet!

This amazingly soft and functional infant seat from Fisher-Price is absolutely brilliant. From the adjustable infant headrest to the calming vibrations and music, the Papasan is the ultimate must-have for any new mom. Most importantly it folds flat for easy storage and features a carrying handle for smooth transports while baby’s sleeping. The seat pad is machine washable and features a plush padding that makes it impossible for me to not want to crawl in there with the baby. Available on Amazon.com as well as the Fisher-Price web site from $50.


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