Make Any Bag a Diaper Bag

November 6, 2006

Remember I said you really don’t need a diaper bag? It took us a good year to figure out that all we really needed when leaving the house was a well-packed wipes case and a few extra diapers. I have not found a better looking carrier for the heavy-duty taskmasters than the diapees & wipees fabric pouch specifically designed for this purpose.

The brainchild of a stylish Texan mom, these bags come in more than 25 unisex fabrics in funky, modern or more classic designs. Tried and tested by many new moms in our circle, diapees & wipees is the perfect solution to dusty, scrunched up diapers floating free in mega diaper bags.

Even featured in People’s Babies of the Year Special Issue this past summer, diapees & wipees are available on the founder’s web site for $14.99 each.

Once you make the giant leap of faith into leaving home without the “well-stocked diaper bag,” you might as well invest in a bright orange wipes case! You’ll always know if you’re running low with this cleverly designed, clear and sturdy travel case from Fleurville. The bright orange color also makes it easier to find it if all you decide to bring along is a case of wipes. $6 for the case on .


One Response to “Make Any Bag a Diaper Bag”

  1. Elizabeth Says:

    I got the diapees and wipees from a certain trendy mom…hehe…and I agree, they are the best!

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