Baby It’s Cold Outside

November 1, 2006

Living in Manhattan where the Hudson River meets the Atlantic Ocean has never been fun during the winter. The brutal winds are strong enough to lift lap dogs and even strollers off the ground. It didn’t help that Maya arrived the day after the worst blizzard in New York City history in February 2003. If it weren’t for the J.J. Cole’s Bundle Me car seat “blankie,” I don’t think we would have been comfortable peeking outside until well into May.

The amazingly warm and versatile Bundle Me is now available in a thicker, more weather-resistant version called the Bundle Me Urban. The outer nylon protects the baby from wind and rain while the soft microsuede inside is not only warm but also easy to wash. From $49.95 through the J.J. Cole web site.

Although the Bundle Me also comes in a toddler size for kids up to age 3, our choice of warmth for our toddler was 7 A.M. Enfant’s Le Sac Igloo. The water-repellant and windproof shell was exactly what we needed to withstand the coldest New York days.

They didn’t have the Blanket 212 then! Although we’re past the “bundle me up in the stroller” stage, I’m now salivating over this new, more elegant and versatile-looking version. The Blanket 212 is a lot more expensive, starting at $120 but looks well worth the price. Considering you could get 2-3 seasons out of it, and with daily use, it more than makes up for the cost in durability and style. Most importantly, it will keep those precious fingers and toes warm!


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