Our Favorite Books: Silly Sally

October 25, 2006


“Mommy, can you read a book from your mind?” begs Maya after we turn off the light during bedtime. This is her way of squeezing just one more book out of me as I battle with the guilt of leaving her with a babysitter all day. “Silly Sally went to town, walking backwards, upside down…” I give in and start reciting in the dark. Having memorized this short little tale in its entirety and delivered it in the dark many times before, I take the time to enjoy the satisfied grin on my daughter’s face as her eyes close.

Famed children’s author Audrey Wood’s Silly Sally now comes in a board book format, sturdy enough for the littlest hands. You won’t mind reading this fun story over and over again where Sally meets a pig, a dog, a loon and a sheep on her way to town. Only Neddy Buttercup has the cure for the silliness enjoyed by all. From $6.95 on Amazon . A must have in your toddler’s library!


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